Why XSB?

We understand that data is only valuable when it can be evaluated and used in support of business goals. Our mission is to deliver the right data, to the right user, at the right time and place, to enable them to make the best business decision possible.


Data to Decisions

XSB’s patented parts data management and semantic web based solutions address the standardization problems and data inconsistencies commonly associated with integrating and managing large engineering product databases.  XSB solutions deliver actionable data that drives business decisions.



XSB Semantic Web Developer Challenge

XSB, and SemanticWeb.com, the leading website dedicated to news and information about the application of Semantic Technologies, are teaming up to sponsor a Semantic Web Developer Challenge.  The Challenge calls on participants to build sourcing and product life cycle management Applications based on novel uses for the XSB PartLink Data model.  Cash prizes wil be awarded for the best applications.